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Host The Toast
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Who is Host the Toast? 

Host the Toast was born out of our collective passion for sharing good drinks, good food, and good company. Whether it’s a last minute get-together, a large family reunion, a fun-themed shindig, or simply happy hour, Host the Toast is your all-in-one barware and entertaining resource. We invite you to browse our site and say hello to our 3 “merrymaking masterminds,” Brian, Frankie, and Morgan. 

Brian is the brains and brawn behind the brand, but he’s not your typical “all work, no play” entrepreneur. Brian pioneered the production of Host the Toast, following in his family’s footsteps to create a friendly, personalized company. 37 years ago, Brian’s grandparents opened a small kitchen supply store in Voorhees, New Jersey. Since then, the company has been passed on to Brian’s father and two uncles (with his grandmother still playing a vital role), and has grown into a 13 store kitchen retailer with a national online reach. Even though it has greatly expanded, the company has kept its neighborhood kitchenware store character, which is exactly what Brian aspires to do with Host the Toast. Brian’s family’s business has spawned the creation of Host the Toast, which focuses on enjoying beer, wine, cocktails, and great food with friends. As the head honcho and webmaster, Brian spends countless hours coding, consulting, making calls, and tweaking the site to make sure that your experience with Host the Toast is as enjoyable as possible. Despite all of the hard work he does, Brian can always be found with a big grin and a positive, fun-loving attitude.

Frankie is Host the Toast’s visionary. She’s a designer, a marketer, and the all-around go-to girl of this operation. Frankie is always (and we mean always) coming up with fresh ideas for Host the Toast which continue to amaze us. You have Frankie to thank for the striking web design, the funky logo, the invitation templates, and a large chunk of the ideas that have been put into motion to make Host the Toast a hip, all-inclusive source for the party aficionado. Frankie is constantly working on a dozen projects at once and manages to stay as energized and excited as ever through each. But don’t worry, she still finds time to relax with her signature Negroni, (recipe coming soon!) some good friends and good food.

Morgan is the youthful talent. She’s the main blogger, which consequentially makes her Host the Toast’s main writer, bartender, cook, event attendee, party host, and photographer. Morgan is 22 years young, so she is always on top of the latest party trends and still has plenty of time to spend many a late night with good company and great drinks (only so she can tell you about them, of course!) Don’t let her age fool you though; Morgan is wise beyond her years on the subject of entertaining, which is evident in her informative and mouth-watering posts.


While each has his or her own niche, these three work closely together on their contributions in order to provide a broad spectrum of exciting, unique content for you. 

 What does Host the Toast have to offer? 

As we said before, Host the Toast is a comprehensive entertainment resource. What does that entail? Well, quite a lot, actually. To begin your great party with Host the Toast’s help, check out our: 

SHOP- The store will guide you in choosing the perfect stemware to amplify the tastes of your vast vintage collection, or it can aid you in your journey to find a multifunctional bar tool to make mixology fast, fun, and fool-proof. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know; we’ll be glad to help. Our online shopping is guaranteed to be safe and secure, so you can have peace of mind when placing an online order. You can find more information about our site security on the store site, or e-mail us and we’ll explain all of the technical lengths we go through to make sure your order information is as safe as can be! 

REVIEWS- Find honest-to-goodness product reviews, as well as our take on the wonderful world of beer, wine, and spirits. 

RECIPES- Discover delicious recipes for classic and festive drinks, simple to elegant appetizers, and more. 

INSPIRATION- Find informative “how-to”s, inventive ideas, and answers to all of your entertaining questions (and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us or post a comment and we will get an answer or even write up an article for you as quickly as possible!) 

EVENTS- Even though we encourage you to “host the toast”, everyone needs a break once in a while, so visit our “Events” page to find upcoming food and drink events in your area. Some fresh air and fun might give you extra inspiration for your next get-together, after all. 

EXCELLENCE- What more could you ask for? Really, what? Let us know, and we will try our best to make it happen. (Short of a free clean-up service after your party, that is.)